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Noeleen Mabula

Johannesburg - Gauteng

ZAR 300.00 per class

Hello! I'm Noeleen, a multifaceted individual with a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship. As a seasoned real estate agent, I thrive on helping individuals find their dream homes and navigate the dynamic world of property transactions. Beyond the bustling real estate world, I'm also the proud owner of an online store, where I curate a line of products that reflect my unique style and taste.

Outside of the business realm, I find joy in the simplicity of life. Swimming is not just a hobby for me; it's a refreshing escape that allows me to recharge both my body and mind. Reading is another cherished pastime, offering me the opportunity to explore new worlds and gain fresh perspectives.

Teaching is a realm I'm deeply interested in. Sharing knowledge and empowering others to reach their potential is a fulfilling endeavor that resonates with my love for connecting with people. Additionally, my creative side finds expression through photography, where I capture the beauty of moments and scenes that inspire me.

In essence, my life is a delightful mix of real estate ventures, entrepreneurial pursuits, the tranquility of swimming, the magic of a good book, the joy of teaching, and the artistry of photography. I'm excited to share my experiences and learn from others as we navigate the diverse paths of life together.

  • Accounting
  • Business studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • English Language and Literature
  • History
  • Life orientation
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Masindi Muano Godfrey+

Pretoria - Gauteng

ZAR 150.00 per class

i am Currently pursuing my Bachelor of Education degree, I am deeply immersed in the world of education, learning the latest pedagogical techniques and theories. My academic journey has equipped me with a solid understanding of educational principles and strategies that I apply to my tutoring practice.Throughout my academic career, I have demonstrated a passion for learning and a commitment to academic excellence. My own journey as a student has equipped me with the insight and strategies necessary to help others succeed.

  • Economic and management science
  • Economics
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematical literacy

Lara-Lynn Long

Cape Town - Western Cape

ZAR 100.00 per class


πŸ’– Over 7000 children's lessons taught 

πŸ’– TESOL 120 hour course Certificate

πŸ’– Special Educational needs certificate

πŸ’– CAPS / Cambridge

πŸ’– Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers

πŸ’– Oxford, CAPS, Longman textbooks used in lessons 

πŸ’– I have a wide variety of teaching materials

πŸ’– I will help with your strengths weaknesses, and can easily adapt in order for my lesson to accommodate your teaching needs.

 πŸ“£ Copy and paste this link to find out more about me.

πŸ‘© my lessons are πŸ‘©

πŸ¦„ carefully planned and organized

πŸ¦„ class notes and homework provided

πŸ¦„ focus on pronunciation and grammatical accuracy

πŸ¦„ helps set achievable short- and long-term language learning goals


❀️ This is what I can offer you❀️

πŸ“” textbook curriculum πŸ“”

✍️ Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers (including Textbooks)

✍️ CAPS curriculum 

✍️ Longman curriculum

✍️ Kid's Box Series (including teaching materials)

✍️ Oxford Discovery Series (including textbooks)

✍️ all textbook lessons include reading, listening, writing and grammar exercises


πŸ“” reading courseπŸ“”

✍️ extensive reading and understanding with comprehensions, suitable for your student level

✍️ RAZ reading books including discussion

✍️ Oxford reading tree including discussion


πŸ“” phonics lessonsπŸ“”

✍️ all sounds used in learning English.

✍️ learn through pictures, songs, videos, etc

✍️ Reading eggs program


πŸ“” language/general English course πŸ“”

✍️ explore excellent topics in English - students focus on one topic to learn vocabulary, pronunciation, gain confidence in spoken English, and learn to discuss general topics.

 βœ… improve pronunciation, spoken language and listening

βœ… learn how to use everyday vocabulary

 βœ… correction of the sentence

βœ… dialogue

βœ… build confidence

βœ… learn the basic grammar rules

  • English
  • English language
  • History
  • History:African and western history
  • Life orientation
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematical literacy
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